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  • High-quality SABS approved Solar PV equipment
  • Load shedding a thing of the past
  • Residential and commercial solutions
Solar PV Installation Quote

Solar PV Systems for Home and Business

Load-shedding turning your life upside down? Is the monthly electricity bill increasing every month? Is Eskom not willing to connect you to the grid? A Solar Solution can be the answer to your problems.

  • Competitively priced premium Solar solutions
  • SANS and SSEG standards followed
  • Long-lasting equipment with transparent guarantees

More info on the latest Solar Panel prices and Solar PV system prices.

Load-shedding solutions for Homes and Businesses

Installing a system just to meet your vital power needs during load-shedding can make sense in some situations, especially when on a tight budget.

For comparison, the cost of installing a backup system that would provide electricity for four to six hours could be:

  • R80,000 for low-usage families 
  • R100,000 for med-usage families 
  • R150,000 for high-usage families

In the case of a power outage or load shedding, the installation will seamlessly switch to backup power.

The prices indicated above only cover a battery backup. It does not include any solar panels.

Get the latest Battery Backup Power Prices for load shedding solutions

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Installation of Home Solar PV Systems 

For a house to function properly, a solar power system at home must produce adequate electricity to satisfy the desired needs. DC power generated should be stored and be able to be converted to AC power to use in your home.

General components of a Home or small scale Commercial Solar System

Numerous components make up a solar system for a home or business, including:

  • Solar panels to capture the energy of the sun
  • A battery to store power generated and supply power when panels are not generating power
  • A DC to AC inverter for converting power stored in batteries or coming from panels 
  • A regulator to regulate current coming from panels to charge 
  • Distribution board and cables to connect everything

The design and installation of your solar system should be handled by a professional because all of these components must work together in a reliable and secure manner.

Visit our Cost of Solar Panels and Solar PV systems page for an idea of how much a solar installation might cost you.

Business Solar Panel Installations across South Africa 

Solar systems are a fantastic alternative for the majority of commercial buildings since they don’t necessitate extensive energy storage, because offices and other commercial buildings frequently use a lot more energy during the day than at night.

Here are a few reasons why solar systems for businesses are swiftly gaining popularity:

  • Lowers day to day operating expenses
  • Excellent Return on Investment
  • Load shedding will affect your business less
  • No moving components resulting in little to no maintenance 
  • Smaller initial investment because less energy store will be needed 
  • Advancements in technologies make Solar Solutions more affordable than ever before
  • Improves the image of a company when going green
  • Energy prices are skyrocketing 

Whatever your motivations are for installing a solar system, get in touch with Local Pros, and we’ll put you in touch with a reputable installer nearby.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy 

When deciding whether solar energy is the best option for you, one important factor to take into account is whether it will fit into your lifestyle. Examine the advantages and disadvantages listed below to help you decide. 

Advantages of Solar Energy:

  • Reduces your monthly energy bill
  • Will bring you one closer to being energy dependent.
  • No moving parts resulting in low maintenance.
  • Renewable source of energy
  • Reduces load on energy grid
  • Load shedding, not a problem anymore  
  • System can be designed and altered to suit your needs

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

  • High Initial Investment Cost
  • Battery backup will be required to function in the evening.
  • Limited expensive energy storage
  • Space for Solar panels a problem and densely populated buildings like multi-story flats 
  • Not completely without pollution 

Why Choose a Local Pros partner for your solar installation?

It is often hard to find a trusted Solar Energy installer but by choosing a Local Pros partner you can rest assured that you will receive an excellent product at an affordable price.

Our partners are:

  • Customer Satisfaction is prioritized
  • SANS and SSEG standards are followed 
  • We only selected leading Solar installers as partners 
  • Products are SABS approved and are of high quality
  • Easy to understand long-term Guarantees 
  • Experienced Solar experts with a great reputation
  • They can provide advice on financing options

No matter if you want to install a Solar solution for your home or business Local Pros will connect you with a leading Solar Expert in your area. Don’t wait, contact us today.

  • Private and Secure
  • Fast Response
  • Affordable
Solar PV Installation Quote

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