Average Appliance Repair Costs in South Africa

The cost of appliance repair work differs based on a variety of factors, including what sort of home appliance requires repair, how old it is, and what’s wrong with it. As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate home appliance repair work to cost anywhere between R500 and R5000.

When a device breaks, what should you do? For some economical devices, the response appears to be to purchase a brand-new one! However, getting rid of old soft goods can be a trouble, and purchasing a brand-new home appliance whenever something fails isn’t really sustainable. The very first thing you need to think about is having your home appliances repaired.

Home appliance repair work expenses will differ depending upon what kind of device you require repaired-a refrigerator is going to cost a lot more than a toaster, for example. In any case, it makes good sense to weigh the cost of a replacement against the cost of repair work by getting quotes from appliance repair pros services. They can assist you with making the most affordable option.


How much does device repair work cost?

Device repair services determine rates in a range of ways. A regional service may charge by the hour, plus parts. A rate of R450 per hour is not unusual, but they might likewise charge a call-out rate, which might be as much as double their per hour rate.

Some services that specialise in significant devices charge a flat rate for device repair work, despite the degree of the work to be done. It’s not unusual to be charged a flat rate of R1350 for fixing a refrigerator or other significant device.

While paying a flat rate of R1350 might sound costly, it’s frequently the most cost-efficient option. According to some quotes, the typical cost of having a significant device fixed has to do with R3600. Averages can be misleading, however. A small repair job may cost around R1000, while a significant repair job can be closer to R5000.

Another caution to keep in mind is that, depending on your house, home appliance repair work might require you to call an electrical contractor, specifically if you have integrated home appliances. 


How much does refrigerator repair work cost?

Refrigerators are among the most common large devices that require fixing. When making repair work, think about the age and effectiveness of your refrigerator; if it’s less than 10 years old, it’s normally worth getting it fixed. If it’s more than 15 years old, the performance increase of a modern-day refrigerator may be enough to think about replacing it.

Due to the fact that refrigerators and freezers so typically require repair work, a great number of businesses provide a flat rate for small amounts of repair work instead of charging for time and parts. Nevertheless, this does depend upon what’s incorrect-if it’s a huge issue, you’ll still need to pay more. Make certain you get numerous quotes, as some regional services may be a less expensive alternative than larger home appliance repair businesses.

  • Be prepared to pay between R2000 and R4000 for a typical combination refrigerator and freezer.
  • If your freezer’s ice maker is broken, repair work might cost you an additional R3500 or more.
  • The cost of a specialized red wine refrigerator differs. However, anticipate paying R2000-R5000.
  • For a refrigerator seal replacement, anticipate paying around R500-600 for a single part, plus labor.

How much does other device repair work cost?

With many different home appliances that may require repair over their lifetime, it’s tough to state precisely just how much things can cost. The most convenient method to learn is to get a quote, specifically if you’re able to explain what’s failing with your maker.

As far as the common device repair work expenses you must anticipate, here’s a beginning point:

  • Washing machine: R1000-R5000
  • Clothes dryer: R1000-R4000
  • Oven: R500-R1500
  • Dishwashing machine: R1000-R3000
  • Little devices (microwave, waste disposal unit): R1000-R2000

All of these will depend upon the cost of parts and labour. If you require an electrical contractor in addition to a home appliance repair expert, check out these pointers for employing an electrical expert.


How to conserve cash on home appliance repair work

The problem with device repair work is that you can’t know for sure just how much the repair work will cost till the repairer has had the chance to check the device. Given that they’ll charge a call out rate, that’s the minimum you can anticipate paying. 

When you get quotes for home appliance repair work, make certain to inquire about call out rates. If they charge a flat rate, be sure to ask if that consists of parts, labor, and the call out cost. If you believe the issue is fairly small, paying a specialist who’ll charge these independently rather than a flat rate may be a much better choice.

If your device is still under guarantee, it requires fixing by an authorised professional. Many trustworthy home appliance repairers have plans for a range of home appliance brand names. However, make certain you define the brand name of your home appliance and the service warranty information in your request for quotes. If your device is still under service warranty, you might not need to pay anything for the repair work. In other cases, you might need to pay for parts or labor only.

If you’re able to inform the service what is incorrect with your home appliance prior to their coming to your house, they might have the ability to recommend methods you can use to fix the appliance yourself. After years in business, they’ll typically understand what can be repaired without an expert. A typical example is a cleaning machine that isn’t working due to the fact that somebody forgot that they closed the taps. A trusted repairer does not wish to charge you a call-out fee for switching on a tap.

If it seems like your repair work will cost more than it’s worth, an excellent home appliance repair specialist might be able to replace your home appliance with a reconditioned system from their stock. Oftentimes, reconditioned devices even feature service warranties. You might have the ability to get a much better home appliance for just a bit more than the cost of repair work.

Keep your buddies (and home appliance repairers) close.

As soon as you’ve discovered a home appliance repairer who offers terrific service, stick with them. A respectable repairer understands the value of service and repeat clients. They’d rather advise trading in your device for a brand-new one rather than spending money on pricey repair work that would not benefit you in the long run.


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