Roof Repair Costs in South Africa

The overall roofing system repair work cost (remediation) can be:

  • R3,000-R4,700 for a 100-to-150-square-meter roof
  • R4,700-R6,300 for 150 to 200 m2
  • R6,300-R9,400 for 200 to 250 m2
  • R9,400-R12,500 for 250 to 300 m2

If your roof requires fixing, do not put it off since you’re worried about the cost. Leaving roof repair work and upkeep till later on might indicate an even higher roofing repair cost when a dripping roofing system triggers the wood beneath to rot or, even worse, triggers a harmful electrical fault.

Read this guide to learn just how much roofing system repair work and roofing upkeep cost and how to get a quote for roofing system repair work. Or get a quote from a professional.


A squaremetere roofing repair work quote can be more precise, which can cost R150 to R350 per m2 usually. Nevertheless, the price per square meter will differ depending on a variety of elements, such as:

  • This is the kind of roof product that needs to be fixed.
  • The quality of the roof products utilized in the repair work depends on the
  • The trouble or ease of access to the roofing.
  • The roof’s pitch and/or intricacy
  • The competence of the roofing system repair work service
  • The kind of repair work being performed (e.g., repointing or roofing system leakage repair work)

Roof repair work costs by product.

If any roof needs to be changed, the product it’s made from will have a huge effect on the roofing repair work cost. For instance,

  • Tile roof expenses are usually around R350 to R500 per tile.
  • Colorbond roofing system sheet rates can be anywhere between R130 and R370 per sheet.
  • High quality corrugated roof iron rates can be anywhere between R500 and R700 per m2.

Roof system repair work costs by size.

While a bigger roofing system will cost more, the roofing system repair work cost per square meter will be reduced for bigger jobs. Smaller tasks have a greater tendency to make up for travel and setup time. Overall roofing system repair work costs and remediation can be:

  • 100-150 m2: R3,000-R4,700
  • 150-200m2: R4,700-R6,300
  • 200-250m2: R6,300-R9,400
  • 250-300m2: R9,400-R12,500

But we are 100% sure that GP Roof Repair Experts will provide you with the best prices on the market.

Roofing system repair work cost by service

The minor roofing system leakage repair work cost will be different from changing damaged tiles. Examples of typical roofing system repair work and roofing upkeep costs are:

  • R1,000 for minor repair work.
  • Changing rain gutters: R1,200
  • Changing roofing system tiles: R1,300
  • Fixing ridge caps: R2,000
  • Changing mortar: R2,500

Getting a roofing system repair work quote The cost of one roofing repair job might be 500 rubles, while another can cost thousands. The only way to discover just how much your task is going to cost is to get quotes from roofing system repairers in your area first.

When you’re getting a quote for roofing system repair work, it’s a great idea to call experts on the kind of roof you have. Fixing a metal or Colorbond roofing system is very different from fixing and changing roofing tiles. While some roofing system repair businesses do basic repair work, professionals are most likely to have the required devices and experience to do the task rapidly and effectively.

In order to get precise quotes for roofing system repair work, make certain you supply information about anything that is most likely to impact the quote. Roofing systems that are hard to gain access to or have a high pitch can take longer to fix, and keeping this information will not save you cash since you will not get a final quote till a business agent has actually had the chance to examine your residential or commercial property face-to-face.

After you get a number of quotes, compare them thoroughly. Crucial concerns to ask are:

  • What products are they going to utilize?
  • Are they accredited and guaranteed?

Has the business stayed in business? You might need to pay a little bit more for the services of a developed professional, but you can feel more positive knowing that the task has actually been done right and that they guarantee their work.

Get quotes from regional roof suppliers now.

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