How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

How much does tree stump elimination cost, and why would you wish to get rid of a tree stump in your backyard? Depending upon scenarios, there might be 3 actions you need to take to get rid of a tree stump.

  1. Just how much does tree elimination cost?
  2. Just how much does tree stump elimination cost?
  3. Just how much does tree root elimination cost?
  4. Employing a tree felling pros for stump elimination service.

Just how much does tree elimination cost? 

An unhealthy or dead tree might need to be cut from the top down. Depending upon the size and area of the tree, having a tree eliminated can cost:

  • R5,000 for a tree 6 metres high with a narrow size
  • R10,000 for a tree 8 metres high with a considerable trunk size.

Other expenses might drive the cost of tree elimination up. A few of these may consist of

  • The kind of tree (wood trees cost more than softwood trees).
  • The requirement for utilizing ropes and climbing devices
  • Using a hoist
  • time and labour required for a tree
  • The requirement to lower branches to the ground with ropes

For instance, tree fellers might be required to employ a hoist or thoroughly lower branches to the ground to prevent harming a home or neighboring home. A hoist might cost around R1600 per hour and be required for numerous hours. If tree fellers are required to decrease branches with ropes, they will need to take more time and the cost can be greater. There might be other expenses for disposal of the tree.



Most big trees will need town approval to be eliminated. You might also be required to work with an arborist to examine the tree and send out a report to the town. An arborist’s report will cost R750 for one to five trees, and the town will charge R350 for a submission. The typical cost of tree elimination in South Africa is R6,510. This is because lots of trees need additional work, which drives the price up. In many cases, tree elimination can cost as much as R100,000. This is unusual, but contributes to the cost of the nationwide average. In general, the most you can anticipate spending on tree elimination is around R15,000. In a lot of cases, the additional expenses connected with tough eliminations can include 25 to 50 percent of the cost of eliminating a tree.

Just how much does tree stump elimination cost? 

Tree stump elimination is a different cost and includes eliminating the stump to a depth where soil can cover the location where the stump was. Tree stump elimination is made with a stump mill and can be done relatively rapidly. Tree stump elimination may cost:

  • R1100 for a tree with a 500mm size.
  • R1700 for a tree of one metre in size.
  • R3350 for a tree with a 2 m diameter.

The stump will be determined by the best points. This will consist of whatever that reveals above ground.



Some things that may make the cost greater consist of home builder’s debris around the tree, stoney ground or buried iron or concrete. These can harm the carbide cutting teeth and will contribute to the cost. Some other things that might impact the cost consist of:

  • Narrow or difficult to gain access to locations
  • Raised garden beds
  • Sloping ground
  • Actions
  • Distance of tree to structures
  • Distance to windows
  • Gas and pipes
  • Underground cable televisions

Any of these things will decrease the procedure and contribute to the cost of stump elimination. The stump removalist will need to take actions to secure locations where glass, pipelines or cable televisions lie and if gain access to is challenging, it will likewise contribute to the cost due to the fact that of setup and elimination time.

Why would you wish to get rid of a tree stump from your home? A tree stump can be undesirable, however that’s simply among the issues you will have if you leave a tree stump. Tree stumps are reproducing premises for termites, ants and other bugs. Ultimately, the bugs will move and you might discover termites living and dining on the wood parts of your house.

How much does tree root elimination cost?

In some cases, tree roots will require to be eliminated along with stumps. The factor for eliminating tree roots is due to the fact that trees can restore from their roots and you might discover a tree growing near the area of the tree stump. There might be other factors to have the roots eliminated, too.

Root elimination can be a complex procedure. It might be possible to have the best roots near the surface area eliminated with a stump mill, but you might also require more excavation and the roots will need to be gotten rid of by other methods.


You will not get a precise price quote for tree root elimination until a tree service can check the tree. They might need to do substantial work, and in many cases, getting rid of tree roots is more costly than stump grinding due to the fact that more excavation is required. In many cases, tree services can get rid of roots without harming a tree. They can do this in locations where a tree root remains in threat of breaking sewage pipelines or harming a home structure. You might need to work with an arborist to examine the scenario and make suggestions to the tree service. This will cost more, but it will ensure you that only roots that will harm or eliminate a tree are gotten rid of.

Working with a tree stump elimination service

Tree removalists do not need a licence in South Africa. This suggests anybody can promote as a tree removalist. Getting rid of trees, stump grinding, and root elimination can be hazardous work and ought to be managed by experts with years of experience.


A great service will take care of that and tidy up after they are done. Tipping might cost additional, but tree services have the devices required to get rid of whatever is from your home. Some services, likewise,

  • Fill holes with soil.
  • Set up turf
  • Do a garden tidy up.
  • Level the location.
  • Some services can divide logs to be utilized in a fireplace.

These services might come at an additional cost. When you get quotes for tree elimination, stump elimination, and/or root elimination, get itemized quotes so you understand precisely what services you are getting. Compare the quotes thoroughly and see if they consist of elimination in their quotes. A great service will note whatever consists of:

  1. Tree elimination
  2. Stump elimination
  3. Root elimination (if required)
  4. Moving and tipping expenses
  5. Expenses for the bonus, such as soil setup, turf, garden tidy up, and other services

If you desire it completed, it will most likely cost less than employing a tree service to eliminate your trees and then finding somebody to set up your lawn or clean up the backyard. Not all services will do these other tasks, but it’s worth asking.

Likewise, remember that you might need to work with an arborist to evaluate a tree you want to get rid of. Towns typically have a list of secured trees and need a great factor for eliminating a secured tree. The town might likewise need to know why you are getting rid of a tree and, particularly if it is a big tree, what actions will be required to eliminate it securely.

If you just want a tree stump removed from your residential or commercial property, town authorization might not be required. Nevertheless, tree stump elimination threatens work and needs to be done by experts who take all the needed safety measures. These will consist of the safety measures noted above when working around windows or near pipelines or underground cable television. They must likewise keep kids and grownups well away from the location where they are working.

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