Cost for roof leak repair in South Africa

For a 10-metre roof at a height of 3 meters off the ground, significant roofing system leakage repair work can cost:

  • R45000 for a regular slope roofing system.
  • R54000 for a high slope or R63000 for an exceptionally high slope.
  • R72000 for terracotta tiles.

If you have a dripping roofing system, you should not put off having it fixed. The cost of roofing system leakage repair work can be substantially less than what it costs to replace a harmed roofing system and to do other repair work on your house if a leak is allowed to worsen. For top quality service, reach out to gp roof repairs experts. or get a quote. 


The cost of roofing repair work depends upon the variety of water-leakages, the condition of the roof and other elements. Read this guide to discover:

Roof leak repair

How much does roofing system repair work cost?

Roofing system repair work costs depend on the kind of repair work and the type and height of the roof. A carefully sloped roofing system on a single-floor home will cost less than a high-roof system on a single-floor home, and if you have a two-story home, the cost can be a lot more.

These are a few of the roofing repair work expenses you might anticipate spending for significant repair work on a 10-metre roof at a height of 3 meters:

  • A typical slope will cost around R40,500.
  • A high slope will cost R54,000 for a moderate slope or R63,000 for an exceptionally high slope.
  • Terracotta tiles will cost around R70,200.

These are approximate expenses and will depend upon the quantity of damage that needs to be fixed.

For small damage, such as roofing dripping repair work, a roofing repairer will normally charge by the hour, plus a possible cost for travel and other costs. A roofing system repairer can charge anywhere from R450 to R1000 per hour, and these charges might depend upon the roofing system, since they will charge more if they need to take more security preventative measures on high or low roofing systems.

They likewise need to check out how they can gain access to issues and whether they need to work with devices to access leakage. Other cost concerns can consist of changing tiles, flashing or other tasks they might need to do. For instance, roofing system leakage repair work might also include cleaning up the roof and eliminating fungi or mold. For instance, each of these tasks will have a different cost.

  • Roof upkeep costs are between R380 and R500 an hour. Liminating fungi and algae and seamless gutter cleansing might cost around R13,000.
  • Cleaning up a terracotta roof and doing some repointing, rebedding, and topping might cost R15 000.
  • Cleaning up the roofing system of a three-bedroom home may cost R12, 000.

These roofing repair work expenses are approximate rates and will depend upon the elements noted above and the size of the roofing system. You will not have a clear idea of how much your roofing system repair work will cost till you get quotes from roofing system repairers. When you get online quotes, list the

  • The size of the roofing system
  • Products
  • The height of the roofing system
  • steepness
  • Gain access to concerns
  • variety of leakages

Roofing system repairers can provide more precise quotes if they have more information to go on. However, they might need to refer to your website to offer a precise quote. The more information you can provide, the more precise your online quote will be. You might also wish to send out a photo of your roof to provide a much better idea of its size and intricacy.


Roof leaking repair

Roof repair cost

How much does roofing replacement cost?

Typically, roofing replacement costs are between R100,185 and R220,874, with a typical cost of about R140,600. The series of expenses depends upon the products utilized, the size of the roof and the other aspects noted above.

On the low end of the scale, roofing replacement can be just R50000, and on the luxury end of the scale, it can be as much as R350,500. Tiled roofing will cost more, and you need to take the products into consideration.

Roofing replacement might be a smarter option than roofing remediation due to the fact that a brand-new roof will look much better and can last longer than a remediation task. Nevertheless, it will cost more since the products will need to be changed. A roofer can inform you whether a roofing system deserves to be brought back or if it ought to be changed. If you’re in doubt, get 3 quotes, and if 2 or 3 concur that the roofing system should be changed, you should most likely change it.

Roof maintenance cost

Search for a roofing professional who:

  • offers a service warranty for their craftsmanship and products.
  • is guaranteed.
  • It has an excellent track record in your location.

All of these are essential factors to consider. A guarantee will provide you with the comfort of understanding that the roof expert will go back to your house to repair anything that fails.

A roof can be an unsafe task, so the roofing professional should be guaranteed. An excellent roofing professional will have the ability to provide you with referrals who can guarantee their work.

Get quotes from regional roofing companies now.

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