How Much Do Mosaic Tiles Cost?

Mosaic tiles are excellent for developing an eye-catching function or result. Typically utilized in small locations, such as a kitchen area splashback, shower location or damp space, they are best at capturing light and developing genuine visual interest.

And similar to any other remodeling job, you need to understand just how much it is all going to cost. Here we take a look at what elements affect the quantity you pay to attain the appearance you desire.

This short article will assist you in finding out:

  • Where you can utilize mosaic tiles in the house?
  • What to search for when working with a tiling pros?
  • Just how much do mosaic tiles cost?

Where to utilize mosaic tiles in your house?

Where do mosaic tiles look their finest? They can add color, class and vibrancy to a series of settings, consisting of:

Restroom: mosaics look excellent on the wall and flooring of the shower, around a bath or as an accent function behind a vanity installed basin.

Kitchen area: the most apparent (and popular) place for mosaics is as a splashback (or backsplash) behind your range or cooktop.

Nooks: mosaics can develop a centerpiece for any fascinating nook, such as a recessed rack or alcove that requires a touch of shimmer or shine.

Outdoors: your swimming pool or outside home entertainment location might all take advantage of some mosaic magic.


What do tilers do?

You are going to require a tiler to lay your mosaics. They can carry out a series of jobs, consisting of:

  • Elimination of tiles
  • Waterproofing
  • Cutting and laying of tiles (wall and flooring)
  • Grouting and re-grouting

Just how much do mosaic tiles cost?

When you begin looking around for mosaic tiles, you’ll see that expenses depend on a number of aspects, consisting of the:

  • The size of the area to be tiled
  • The kind of tile utilized
  • Shapes and size of the tile

Certainly the more mosaic tiles you utilize, the greater the cost. However the cost of mosaic tiles surpasses this. If you’re utilizing mosaics on the flooring, the cost will be more than if they’re utilized on the walls. Why? Since laying flooring tiles are a more complex task. And if you wish to utilize mosaic tiles in the restroom, sealing and waterproofing the tiles is an additional cost to consider.

Remember, too, that mosaic tiles are more expensive than other ranges. Glazed ceramic is a more affordable alternative, but mosaics cost more due to their special functions and spectacular design. And if you use glass mosaic tiles, the cost approaches much more. That’s why numerous property owners pick to utilize mosaic tiles for functions, instead of tiling a bigger area. And glass mosaic tiles need a great deal of maintenance and cleaning, so bear this in mind. And similar to all tiling tasks, fancier surfaces, borders, patterns, and other information will cost more.

Calculating the cost of mosaic tiles

Tilers normally will offer you a quote for your whole task, and determine their charges based upon their per hour rate. Typically, tilers charge anywhere from R450 to R1500 per hour, with more complex tasks that take longer most likely to be more costly.

You may also be priced with a per square metre rate varying from R350 per square metre to R1200 per square metre. This does not consist of the price of the tiles; you will need to budget and plan for that independently.

Mosaic tiles are available in sheets and are typically estimated per sheet. As a basic guideline, expect to pay anything from R200 per sheet and up. More special designs and surfaces will cost more.

For any concept of the cost of mosaic tiles, anticipate having to pay (priced per sheet):

  • R330 for one pebble mosaic sheet (300mm x 300mm).
  • R470 for one interlocking mosaic sheet (300mm x 290mm).
  • R590 for one polished silver metal sheet (300 mm x 300 mm).

The best method of discovering the cost of your mosaic tiling task is to get quotes from regional tilers. This will give you a sense of what the market rates are presently.

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