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Local Pros Fourways is here to do your tiling project! We have a full network of expert tilers ready to help you with your next tiling project. All of our work is completed in accordance with current rules and as suggested by the federation of tiling contractors’ department.

Simply call us if your tiles are broken, you have constructed a new house, or if you need tiles changed or fitted. Whether domestic tiling or industrial tiling, we are equipped for any tiling project, regardless of size.

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Why Choose Local Pros Fourways for your next tiling project?

  • You will not have to do a thing, our tilers will do it all.
  • Hiring a professional tiler to install your tile might seem like an unnecessary cost, but you will be thankful in the end.
  • Our tilers complete tiling projects faster.
  • We provide a worry free installation.
  • We reduce wastage.
living room floor tile installation
floor tile installation

Tiling Services Local Pros offers in Fourways.

Areas we Tile:

  • All Floor Tiles
  • Bathroom Floor Tiles
  • Outdoor & Slip Resistant Floor Tiles
  • Kitchen Floor Tiles
  • Living Area Floor Tiles
  • Garage Floor Tiles
  • Shower Flooring
  • Office / Commercial Floor Tiles

 Tile Styles:

  • Wood Look Tiles
  • Glossy Porcelain Tiles
  • Glazed Porcelain Tiles
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles
  • Large Format Tiles
  • Cement Look Tiles
  • Decor Floor Tiles
  • Kilimanjaro Tiles

Bullnosing and tile mitering:

  • Patterns and inlays
  • Taking off the old tiles
  • preparation of the surface
  • Getting Rid of Rubble
  • Shower walls and flooring are waterproofed.
  • Tile cleaning, re-grouting, and sealing

Frequently Asked Tiling Questions

Why tile your home/business?

A tile is a man-made piece of hard-wearing material, such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass, that is often used to cover roofs, floors, walls, or other things such as tabletops.

Is it necessary to be qualified to work as a tiler?

To work as tilers, you’ll typically require certification in wall and floor tiling as well as previous tiling experience.

Why should I employ a tiling contractor rather than doing it myself?

To guarantee the highest quality installation for your project, we suggest employing a professional tiling contractor.  

Do you offer free project estimates?

We are pleased to provide no-obligation quotes for your project. We believe in being as open and honest as possible regarding the costs of our services.

What is the best tile size for me?

The size of the room, the pattern the tiles will be placed in, any design/pattern on the tile, the form of the tile, and the overall aesthetic impact you want the tile to have are all variables to consider when choosing a tile size. These and other criteria will aid you in selecting the right tile size for your area.

Is it possible to tile directly onto the screed?

While adhesive manufacturers claim that you may tile directly over fresh concrete or screed, we highly advise using a primer to guarantee that the adhesive has a good “key” to adhere to. This may eventually result in delamination when the tiles just peel away!

Is it possible to use floor tiles on the walls?

Many floor tiles may be placed on walls, but you should contact a contractor and the manufacturer’s instructions before deciding whether or not a specific floor tile is appropriate for wall installation. When placing floor tile on a wall, keep in mind the tile’s size, weight, and installation position.

Are tiles waterproof?

When placed correctly, glazed tile is water-resistant, but not all glazed tiles are appropriate for use in high-moisture locations such as bathtubs, showers, and around pools. To locate tile that is authorized for certain areas, see the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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