How much does roof tiling cost?

The typical roof tiling cost in South Africa varies from R90 – R150 per square meter for installation only, excluding the tiles. 

Below are the average costs for various types of roofing tiles. 

  • For concrete tiles, it costs R9,90 per tile.
  • For terracotta tiles, it costs R10,00 per tile.
  • For slate tiles, prices may vary, please enquire.

Roof tiling can be a significant house enhancement. However, just how much does roof tiling cost? There isn’t an easy response, as the expense of roofing system tiles differs, as does the setup expenses. One roof can cost far less than another roof of the very same size, since the pitch and intricacy of a roofing system style will impact the cost, as will the cost of roofing tiles.


Read this guide to learn more about the elements impacting roofing system tiling cost

  • The cost of concrete roof tiles
  • The cost of terracotta roof tiles
  • The cost of slate roof tiles
  • Determining the size of a roofing system
  • Getting quotes from roofing tilers
  • Roofing tiles vs. metal roofs
  • Roofing replacement expenses

Elements impacting roofing system tiling cost

The typical roofing system tiling cost in South Africa varies from R90-R150 per square meter for installation only. The total cost depends upon numerous elements, consisting of:

  • The kind of roofing system tiles you pick
  • The weight of the tiles per square meter
  • Roofing contractor rates in your location
  • The size of your roofing system
  • The pitch of your roof and any other access problems

In basic, anticipate having to pay approximately:

  • For concrete tiles, it costs R9,90 per tile.
  • For terracotta tiles, it costs R10 per tile.
  • Slate tiles cost will vary, please contact us directly for the price. 

Discover more about the various kinds of roofing system tiles and how to determine your roofing tiling cost below.

The cost of concrete roof tiles

Concrete roofing system tiles are the least pricey kind of roofing tile while still being appealing and long-lasting. In basic, concrete roofing tiles cost around R9,90 per tile.

Once you have worked out the square meterage of your roof and the amount of tiles you may need, you can then determine the tile cost for the roof.  Added to this the labour cost of between R90 and R150 per square metre to get the total estimate of your roofing price. This will however vary depending on your roofing system. steepness and pitch or a complexity in shape will also influence the cost of the installation. 

The cost of terracotta roof tiles

Terracotta roofing tiles are more costly than concrete roofing tiles. Typically, they cost R10,00 per roof tile with an average installation price of R90 to R150 per square metre. 


The cost of slate roof tiles

Slate is among the most expensive roof tiles you can purchase. The distinction in price pertains to the quality of the slate. There is also a greater set up expence when installing slate tile and will need to be priced on site visitation. Contact us today for a personalized costing of your roof. 


Determining the size of a roofing system

One crucial thing to bear in mind when approximating roofing tiling cost is the location of your roofing system, which isn’t the same as the location of your home. This is since the roofing system pitch can make a distinction in the variety of tiles required to cover a roofing system. A steeper pitch uses up more space than a mild pitch, and if there are numerous different pitches, it might cost more.

For instance, a house of 100 square meters will require around 112 square meters of roofing tiles. If it has a steeper pitch or a more complicated shape, more tiles will be required.

The very best way to figure out the number of square meters of tiles you require is to take a look at an illustration of your home and determine the roofing system location. If you do not have illustrations of your home, a roofer can precisely inform you of the number of square meters of tiles you require based upon their previous experience.

Getting quotes from roofing system tilers

When you’re comparing quotes from roofing tilers or roof installers in your location, price needs to be just one factor to consider. You should likewise check whether the roofing professional is certified and guaranteed. They need to have the ability to provide you with recommendations from previous customers and be able to provide you with a composed quote.

If all things are equivalent, you can select a lower quote for roofing system tiling cost, but just if you’ve checked a tiler’s previous work and you’re pleased that they are the ideal individual for the task.

Get quotes from regional tilers now.




Roofing system replacement expenses

Another choice you might be dealing with is whether to retile or change the roof.

If you’re replacing a roofing system, the expenses will be greater due to the fact that the roofing contractors will need to get rid of the old roofing system first. If you’re replacing a metal roofing system with a tile roofing system, the expenses might be greater still, since they will need to strengthen the roofing system and make the roofing system able to be tiled.

The cost of roofing system replacement will depend on a number of elements: The size of the roofing system

  • The pitch of the roofing system
  • Structural work
  • Complex roofing systems


When selecting a roof replacement expert, ask the very same questions you would ask a roofing system installer and demand an itemized quote so you understand precisely what you’ll be spending for. They might also charge for getting rid of old roof products and taking them to the suggestion. Anticipate getting a company quote after a roofing replacement expert examines your roofing system.

Whether you’re acquiring a brand-new roof for a brand-new house or changing a roof, roofing system tiling deserves some thought. It can be a gorgeous addition to a house and can increase its value.

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