How Much Does a Drafter Cost?

A drafter, otherwise called a “draftsman,” draws strategies and requirements for developing tasks. If you are developing a brand-new house or doing restorations that need a structural license, your strategies will most likely need to be drawn by a drafter, designer, or structural designer to acquire town approval. Most of the time, a drafter will be less costly than a designer, but just how much will they charge for their services? Get a quote today to learn more. 


What does a drafter do?

Often called “architectural drafters,” drafters do scale illustrations of whatever, from home strategies to extensions and granny flats. Drafters frequently work behind the scenes for designers, eliminating the information of designers’ strategies. Lots of drafters, likewise, select to work for themselves, and will typically do the initial and last illustrations for personal customers and contractors.


Many drafters will have finished a tertiary course, such as a Diploma in Building Design or something comparable, electrician as a second degree, because it helps with their job.. It is likewise worth checking to see if your drafter belongs to a market association, as they are most likely to be kept up to date with advancements in their sector.

Employing a drafter

The more your drafter understands about your task, the better. Most likely, they will ask you to consist of:

  • What is the scope of your job?
  • Do you have a concept of how you desire your task to look?
  • Do you have an idea style for me to work from?

Ask about their charge structure. One drafter might charge more per hour than another, but want to do a couple of modifications at no additional cost.


Just how much does a drafter cost?

So just how much do you anticipate a drafter to cost? Some aspects that impact the cost of

  • A drafter consists of: In-depth strategies cost more than initial strategies.
  • Service charges will apply if you need to have your strategies modified.
  • If you require aid with sending your strategies to town, finishing an advancement application, and/or other services outside the scope of preparing alone, these will cost additional.
  • In many cases, you or your drafter will be required to employ a structural engineer for some elements of the strategies.

Drafters are generally personal specialists and set their own costs. And they can also recommend you electricians, plumbers, tilers and painting contractors

Depending upon their location, level of experience, work, and other aspects, drafters base their charges on per-hour rates varying from R900 to R1800 per hour or more. Oftentimes, the quote you get from a drafter will be a repaired price, typically revealed as a portion of the cost of the overall job. Some drafters might charge on a per square meter basis. For this, they anticipate being charged in the area of R160 to R250 per square meter.

For a ballpark concept of expenses for some normal remodeling jobs, anticipate being charged:


  • R30,000 for strategies of a medium-to-large extension, including 2 spaces
  • R39,900 for strategies of a complete redesign/renovation of a big home.
  • R28,000 for strategies of a small/medium single space extension


To see more ‘price of’ guides visit the ‘Cost of homes services‘ page to see a full list.


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