How Much Does Roof Insulation Cost?

Roof insulation is now needed by law in brand-new structures as part of the South African federal government’s energy performance effort. Whether it’s compulsory or not, insulating your roofing system is a great concept. Great insulation will keep your house cozier all year round and help reduce your energy costs.

Kinds of Roof Insulation

There are a variety of kinds of roofing insulation. A few of them consist of

  • Reflective foil is a frequently utilized kind of roofing insulation. It is generally set up under the roof to reflect heat away from the house interior.
  • Glass wool (fiberglass) has actually been a popular insulating product for years. It is generally set up in the ceiling cavity.
  • Natural sheep’s wool is the initial roofing system insulation and remains a popular option.
  • Polyester is a significantly more popular choice. Polyester is an “itch-free” option to glass wool and is typically made from as much as 85% recycled polyester.
  • Stone wool (in some cases called rockwool) is made from volcanic rock. It has remarkable acoustic and thermal insulating properties and is extremely fire resistant.

Reflective foil varies from other insulating products. The small pockets of air wholesale insulation supply a barrier that avoids heat or cold getting away or going into the roof, while reflective foil just shows heat or cold far from the location.

Just how much does roof insulation cost?

The cost of roofing system insulation as well as roof repair depends upon the products utilized and whether unique devices or know-how are required to install them. For instance,

  • Reflective sarking is among the least expensive kinds of insulation, at around R990 for a 60m x 1350mm roll.
  • A reflective foil with an extra “air cell” barrier for higher thermal insulation that adheres to BCA 6 Star energy effectiveness guidelines costs about R3500 for a 22.5 m x 1350 mm roll (approximately 30 sq. m).
  • Glass wool batts without foil support might cost around R600 per 9 square meter pack.
  • Polyester batts without foil support frequently cost about 50% more than glass wool bats.
  • Sheep wool batts begin at about R900 for the exact same protection as glass and polyester bats.

When you’re comparing the rates of numerous kinds of insulation, likewise thoroughly consider their R-value (R-value is a measure of thermal effectiveness). It might be worth it to invest a little bit more in an item with a greater R-value.

Setting up roofing system insulation is a hot, unpleasant, and uncomfortable task. Get quotes from roofing insulation suppliers and installers prior to deciding to take on the task yourself. Installers’ rates begin at about R320 per hour. They frequently get insulation at a discount rate and pass the cost savings on to consumers, so they can work quickly and effectively. You’ll most likely be shocked by how budget-friendly it can be to have it set up by professionals from GP Roof Repairs.

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