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Roofing Services


Waterproofing is a watertight or water-resistant application to ensure your home is protected from water weather conditions. Waterproofing extends to house roofs, including flat roofs, concrete slab roofs, tiled roofs and sheeting as well as industrial application.

Stop water getting into your home today and book your free inspection.

Roof repairs and refurbishing

Get fast repair and refurbishing of all roof types. Restoring of damaged roofs and tiles, repair or replacement of rotten or damaged timber to ensure your home stays your ‘safe place’ for as long as possible. Repairs and restoration of all roof types, including sheeting, flat roof, tiled roofs, residential and industrial roofing.

Roof refurbishing is the process whereby your roof can be restored to its original beauty. Over time your roof may start to show its age. Roof refurbishing may involve cleaning, repairing or replacing tiles to create a roof that looks new.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is the key to using less energy in your home, creating a pleasant indoor temperature resulting in less energy usage and a substantial energy saving.

As of 2012, all new homes must be insulation compliant, with the objective of creating homes that are energy-efficient, needing less heating and cooling. Additionally, an insulated home is a more comfortable home because of the more suitable temperature environment.

New roof installations

Whether you are building your own home or re-roofing/ redesigning your roof we will be able to assist. A well planned, designed and executed roof installation can last a lifetime and create the home of your dreams. With quality materials and specialised roofing contractors, we will provide roofing assistance tailored to your individual needs.

Ceiling installation, repair and replacement

Repair or replacement of damaged ceiling boards is important for the interior aesthetic of your house. A damaged ceiling board can be an entry point for unwanted insects and rodents, as well as compromise the warmth of a house. Damage due to mould is hazardous to health and breathing and requires immediate ceiling replacement or ceiling repair

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Roof Repairs Quote

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Roof Repairs Quote